It’s 4.26am on a chilly Thursday in Chicago. I’m in my warm comfy bed under a number of blankets. Once in a while, I feel a strong arm softly touching my shoulder and hear a mumbled “why are you still up,” followed by soft snoring. I note the validity of this question in a tiny notebook I got from a trip to New York. In the back of my head, I’m trying to imagine how ridiculous I must seem to the very practical man lying next to me: I’m writing an about section for a personal creative website, something that most people take special care not to read. It’s usually the same thing, one site to the next: passion, creativity, curiosity, and other inspiring words; inserted sheepishly before an admission or a boast of a bread-winning day job. I can’t think of anything to put down that doesn’t sound glib, so I decide to describe what’s in my head at the moment. There are soft shadows dancing on the tall curved ceiling of my apartment, distant sounds of trucks, a city on the verge of waking up. I hear an echoed siren, and a soft hum, like a calm sea, as I think about other people who are awake hearing the same sounds. I wonder if any of them will remember this morning, or if it’s only going to live in the imagination of those who might read about it on this page. This thought is satisfactory to me, and as the first rays of sun hit my balcony, I yawn and focus on how nice the warmth of the blankets and the person next to me are. I write down the last sentence, ready to finally go to sleep.
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